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The guide figure for salaries within this field posted by the national career service start from £15,000, this is usually for the new starters. However salary can go up to £19,000 – £22,000 if you’re experienced and as high as £28,000 for the highly experienced.

Remember these are just guide numbers which are further backed by data published by NHS and other private practices paying around the same amount above.

There are many opportunities of ‘job sharing’ within this field which means 2 part time workers combining to make a full time, so if you wanted part time work; many clinics within the dental nursing are open to this.

Working hours usually commence at 9am and finish at 5pm from Monday to Friday or later if your dental practice operates during the evening.

You’ll be happy to know that there is further training available if you want to progress further into an orthodontic therapist or dental hygienist or go higher within your current job role into nurse team manager, dental practice manager.

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