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Day-to-day: Working as a Dental Nurse

A dental nurse plays a supportive role to any person within the dental team, this could be the dentists themselves, hygienists or therapists.

For example:

> Assisting dentist or hygienist with instruments
> Eliminating water and saliva from patients mouth whilst treatment
> Maintaining the surgeries cleanness, making sure things are tidy
> Sterilizing instruments
> Preparing the materials such as filings
> With additional training some dental nurses also take x-rays and clinical photographs etc.
> Help to record/update information of patients
> Occasionally help reception area when things get busy by taking appointments, bookings for treatments, greeting patients and lastly ensuring patience are calm before surgery.

Skills required for Dental Nursing

> Be calm, reassuring attitude, confidence
> Good at practical skills
> The skillset to relate well to patience (adults, children or people requiring special needs)
> Outstanding organisational skills

Working hours & Career path progression

Typically dental nurses work from 9am to 5pm (Monday to Friday) keep in mind some work places may open till late evenings so you may have that option available to you.

You have a few opportunities when it comes to career progression in the dental nursing area, you can go up to managerial position or become a team leader or if you take on further training you can advance your way to orthodontic therapist or dental hygienist.

Keep in mind Dental Nurses are usually on their feet most of the day and must wear protective clothing and surgical gloves for instance surgical gloves, safety glasses etc.

Thank you for reading our blog post ‘What do dental nurses do’ if you have any questions for us, feel free to post your comment below or if you are looking to start a new career in dental nursing we are accredited with the National Examining Board of Dental Nurses (NEBDN) Click here to find out more.

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