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Dental Radiography Terms & Conditions


Responsibilities of Harriet Ellis Training & Recruitment Group

Harriet Ellis Training & Recruitment Group promises to deliver the Training solutions to professional standards which are in accord with an agreed course syllabus.

As part of this professional standard Harriet Ellis Training & Recruitment Group will only use suitably qualified instructors to deliver the training solutions. All of the companies Tutors are professionally inducted and certified with a minimum of the General Dental Council Registration number and PTLLS teaching qualification. All Training will be delivered in harmony with agreed course schedules. Harriet Ellis Training & Recruitment Group will use its own equipment where possible. Relevant course material will be provided for each student. The student will be expected to provide their own note books and writing tools. Harriet Ellis Training & Recruitment Group will endeavour to Train all students to a high standard and that all reasonable efforts will be made to help students that find learning in a course environment challenging through carrying out alternative teaching formats where possible. However Harriet Ellis Training & Recruitment Group will not be liable for students who fail to achieve the desired standards through a lack of application, attendance or learning difficulties.


Cancellations and refunds for short courses

Please be aware that due to the process of booking instructors and ensuring classes will run on schedule we are unable to give any refunds for any cancellations made after 14 days of booking the course, we have a 14 day cooling off period where a 50% refund of the deposit paid will be given. A failure to sign this agreement will not affect the 14 day cooling off period and the level of refund permitted. The 14 days will start from the booking of the course and the payment of the initial deposit to start the enrollment process.


Course Cancellations procedure for corporate clients

Cancellations for any course that is part of this agreement must be made at least 48 hours in advance by telephone and confirmed by e-mail. In the event that a course cannot be run at the agreed day and time then Harriet Ellis Training & Recruitment Group agree to notify the client 48 Hours in advance of such a cancellation and will provide an alternative course date.


Responsibilities of the Student

The student agrees to inform Harriet Ellis Training & Recruitment Group of any injuries or illnesses that may put the student or any other course attendee at risk to their health.



Harriet Ellis Training & Recruitment Group does not guarantee employment to any student as a result of purchasing and attending any of its training courses. However Harriet Ellis will, where possible, endeavour to assist students that attend courses to find suitable vacancies for potential employment opportunities. This will depend on suitability of the student to a client’s requirement, and whether or not there are any vacancies. Harriet Ellis reserve the right to select candidates for interviews with its clients or refuse to forward information regarding employment opportunities to any student who has purchased one or more of its courses. This applies to all courses run by Harriet Ellis Training & Recruitment Group. Harriet Ellis will supply daily updates of vacancies from our students. You will be free to contact these vacancies to organise interviews by the way of our Jobs Portal located on our website. Harriet Ellis cannot be held responsible for its client’s requirements or selection criteria at any time.


The Qualification Process

Full qualification of Post Graduate Dental Radiography is achieved by completing the process below; the student recognises that failure to complete any part of the process will result in not successfully passing the Dental Radiography Course.

Subscribe and complete our E-learning course with an approved centre (Harriet Ellis Training & Recruitment Group are fully approved)
In order to undertake the qualification, The Student must be either a qualified dental nurse, therapist or hygienist. All Students Must:

a) Be registered with the General Dental Council
b) Have the support of their employing dentist to act as supervisor and validate
The workplace activities for the Record of Competence
c) Be registered with an approved Training Provider

Find a work placement in order to complete the entire record of experience document.
Complete all required practical and written assignments from The Record of Competence.
Successfully pass both parts of Dental Radiography Examination.

Once purchased the Record of experience document is valid for 3 years maximum, please be aware that it is not possible to give time spans to how long it will take each student to complete their individual record of experience documents. You can complete your Record of Competence even if you acquire part time work however this may delay your process.


Examination Fees

All students will need to pay the exam fee  to sit the Dental Radiography Exam. This examination fee is will need to be submitted to Harriet Ellis Training & Recruitment Group in order to cover the costs of exams. You will be notified of the submission deadline which is usually 2-3 months prior to the written exam. There will be an admin fee of £75 in order to process this application only payable together with the exam fee.

Exam applications will be forwarded to the examination board for acceptance on the following conditions:

  • Examination and administration fees have been paid
  • The student’s record of experience document has been completed
  • You have completed all modules and successfully passed all assessments on your E-learning Course

The requirements listed above are subject to deadlines set by Harriet Ellis Training & Recruitment Group. Harriet Ellis Training & Recruitment Group reserve the right to set these deadlines. All students will also need to have a valid CPR or Basic life support certificate before being permitted to sit the examination. Harriet Ellis Training & Recruitment Group offers these mandatory courses. Your Theory Examination will take place on a Saturday. You will be given a list of Examination Centre’s with your application form, for you to choose from. You will receive an exam notification letter about 4-6 weeks before your exam takes place.

The candidate will complete all paperwork related to the exam. Harriet Ellis customer service will then submit these applications before the appropriate deadline. You will be given forms by our customer service department to complete in due course as well as having form online to submit. You will find information relating to each form and an induction to your course on your E-learning Course.


Payment of Course fees

Option 1 Full Payment

All course fees are to be paid in full before a login and starter pack is sent to you for your registration to the Dental Radiography course. The full price of the course is £805 incl. of vat and must be completed within 12 months of registration. This price is inclusive of the NEBDN exam fee.

Deferring an Exam

Any student that decides to defer their  exam will be subject to a £50 charge from the NEBDN in order to move the exam date. Once a student has applied for their ROE they are automatically assigned to the exam specified on the form, so any difference to this will incur the £50 charge. Please note that any extension fees to extend your course will be an additional cost to this.

Please note that deferring your OSCE exam will be a different charge. Please contact the office for details.

Extending the course

When a student has to extend their support period to cover them up until the next re-sit exams, this can be done at a discounted cost of £299.00 including vat. This will include full tutor support and continuation of marking the EROE if required as well as full access to the Student Hub. Please note, this fee does not include the cost of any re sits for the exams. To resit an exam the fee is £175.00 + £75 admin fee


Registration is counted from the day a deposit is paid and therefore the refund period also starts from that date. The only time that Harriet Ellis agrees to refund the course fee is if we decide not to run or cancel the course. There is a 7 working day cooling off period when purchasing the course where in there will be a refund less an administration charge of 50% of the deposit made. Students will receive a full refund on any Holding deposits or full balances that have been paid for in advance of any training course in the event that Harriet Ellis does not receive initial accreditation for any new courses or locations that they may apply for. The NEBDN hold the right to initially accredit our Training courses and only on acceptance of this initial accreditation will our courses start the tuition of the Dental Radiography Course.

In the unlikely event that a class is delayed, you will have the option of receiving a full refund should you decide to cancel if you are unable to attend the new start date. You will need to email your consultant to confirm your cancellation. On agreeing to the delay and continuing with your enrolment you remain bound by the terms and conditions.


Refunds and Pregnancy

Where a candidate falls pregnant within 1 calendar month of the first lesson and this has been declared after the 7 day cooling off period Harriet Ellis Training & Recruitment Group will refund 50% of any monies that have been paid up to the date of declaration of pregnancy to Harriet Ellis Training & Recruitment Group. Where a candidate falls pregnant within 3 months after attending the first scheduled lesson no refund will be given but the candidate will be given the choice of either completing the current course or be moved to a course at a later date. The candidate’s decision to move must be given within 7 days of the declaration.

Cases of pregnancy are to be supported proof in the form of a letter from the candidates GP before any move or refund is given.


Record of Competence

The course fee is not either partly or fully refundable to you at any point that you decide to stop working through the online training course.
You are confirming when signing these terms and conditions that you are agreeing to pay £805 inclusive of VAT for the cost of the course.
There will be no additional fee charged for a copy of the record of experience which is a mandatory requirement by the NEBDN for you to complete the Course.


Medical advice

You must be vaccinated against Hepatitis B and if possible provide evidence of Hepatitis B vaccination blood test results, to show that you’re anti body levels are high enough. You must also ensure that you are up to date with your tetanus booster and all childhood vaccinations before you start working in any dental practice.


Student Identification

All students are required to produce a copy of their passport with photo ID or Drivers license with photo ID on registration.


Student Placements

All students must be working in a Dental Practice in order to enrol onto the Dental Radiography Course.

Harriet Ellis Training & Recruitment Group is not responsible for finding or arranging student placements.


Student Induction Pack

On successful registration and passing the online assessment, you will be sent a Harriet Ellis Starter Induction pack for your online Dental Radiography Course. This pack will include a welcome letter, your Levison study book along with a Questions and Answer book and your GDC standards booklet explaining the vital principles for Dental Health Professionals. As soon as you receive this pack you will be able to log in to the available jobs with your student login.


Communication between Harriet Ellis and Students

Instructors and administration staff will make every effort to inform students as to any changes that may occur during the course, however as a centre Harriet Ellis cannot be held responsible information that a student has not become aware of due to absence, incomplete forms being filled in, change of postal address, change of e-mail address, change of telephone numbers where the student has failed to inform the centre of such changes in their circumstances.


Change of Tutors

Harriet Ellis Training & Recruitment Group reserves the right to change or replace tutors at short notice which may be due to unforeseen circumstances such as sickness and/or emergencies. Harriet Ellis Training & Recruitment Group do not guarantee the same tutor for an entire term of any course. In cases of unforeseen teacher absence Harriet Ellis Training & Recruitment Group will supply a substitute tutor/tutors for the period of the absence where enough notice was given which is 72 Hours via telephone calls and e-mails but cannot be held responsible for unreceived messages due to incorrect or eligible contact details which have been given to Harriet Ellis or a failure of the student to access any messages left for them by Harriet Ellis Staff members.


Refugees and Overseas students

Harriet Ellis Training & Recruitment Group cannot be held responsible for the failure of students to gain permission to study in the UK by the UK border agency. All students are solely responsible for attaining the correct information and permission to study in the UK ensuring that they obtain the correct visa before paying any part of their course fee. Please be aware that students must allow a reasonable amount of time in which to complete the record of experience document therefore no refunds will be given to any student who cancels a course on these grounds.



“Plagiarism is the process of taking another person’s work, ideas or words and using them as if they were your own.” Any student found guilty of plagiarism will not be put forward for examination with the Examination Board or have their record of experience document submitted to the NEBDN.


Failure to Attend Classes

It is in the student’s interests to attend all scheduled classes on this course. Harriet Ellis Training & Recruitment Group cannot be held responsible for information students have missed which was either given verbally in the class or in written form due to lateness or other personal problems that students may experience and as a result will not supply extra lesson time or handouts to any student who requests extra help for these reasons. It is the responsibility of the student to do extra reading and research for information that has been missed.


The following rules are to be followed whilst you are at Harriet Ellis Training & Recruitment Group:


Equal Opportunities

You will meet a variety of other students from different backgrounds and different levels of ability. We are committed to ensuring that everybody is treated equally and fairly, regardless of age, sex, ethnic origins, background or disability. In line with our policy you must treat everybody with whom you come into contact with respect. Should you experience any discrimination or harassment then please come and talk to a member of Harriet Ellis Training & Recruitment Group staff.

Good discipline is essential to the smooth running of the course. If you are found guilty of misconduct i.e.: consistent poor timekeeping, attendance, homework etc, the following steps may be taken: a) Verbal Warning b) 1st Written C) 2nd Written d) Final written warning.

Gross Misconduct will result in an instant dismissal of the course. Examples of gross misconduct are:

  • Smoking in the training centre or forbidden places
  • Drugs
  • Alcohol
  • Theft
  • Verbal abuse towards the tutor or staff at the training centre
  • Violation of Equal Opportunities policy
  • Physical abuse toward the tutor, students or any staff member
  • Destruction of property in training room or anywhere in the offices.
  • Any Fraudulent signing of documents for eg. ROE registration forms or ROE tracking documents.

In the event that you have any grievance relating to the training then please follow the steps below:

Speak to your tutor to discuss your views

If you are not satisfied then please put your complaint in writing to Hadley Silver, Manager. You will receive a response inside seven working days.


Sickness Absence

Tutors/Lecturers will be expected to reject applications for authorised sickness absence in the following circumstances:

  • If they have reason to doubt the validity of the case
  • If an emerging pattern of non-attendance is identified
  • If a student has not reported his/her absence as required by Course regulations
  • Unacceptable reasons for absence

The following reasons for absence would not generally be acceptable:

  • Holidays
  • Part-time employment
  • Leisure activities
  • Birthdays
  • Babysitting
  • Driving lessons

Harriet Ellis may issue a general authorisation of absence in some circumstances – e.g. in the case of severe weather.

In the event of a complaint proceeding formally, the Director of the Division will consider the complaint in consultation with those concerned in the provision of the service e.g. the course tutor, internal assessor, programme manager or other service manager.

Where a complaint puts in question a matter of academic performance and/or professional judgment/reputation of the person who is the subject of the complaint he/she shall have a right to put their case to the Director of the Division.

The Director of the Division will provide the student with a provisional response in writing as soon as reasonable practicable, and in any case within four weeks of receiving the complaint. The student will be invited to comment in writing within seven days. The Director of the Division will review the provisional response in the light of any observations communicated by the student and then finalize and provide the student with the written response itself within seven days of receiving any observations on the provisional response.

If the Director of the Division decides that there is a basis for the complaint, the Director of the Division will seek an equitable resolution of the issue.

If a student is expelled, a letter detailing the reasons will be sent to the student. The student will not be entitled to a refund of course fees paid. Harriet Ellis reserves the right to expel instantly any student contravening our gross misconduct policy.



1. General Statement

1.1 Harriet Ellis fully recognises the duties placed upon it under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and all other relevant legislation. The company is committed to ensuring it at least complies with the minimum requirement and wherever reasonably practicable shall exceed them. It also recognises the obligation it has to others with regard to its activities including the funding bodies in UK responsible for provision of youth training as well as other partners in relation to delivery of training.

The company is committed to working with these partners to ensure a safe and healthy working environment. The company recognises the duties it has to not only its staff, but also to trainees, contractors, visitors and any others who may be affected by its activities and shall adopt the principle of zero tolerance with regard to accident prevention. This principle is underpinned by the acceptance of the company that no accident at work is acceptable.

1.2 Harriet Ellis also recognises the position it holds within the Recruitment and Training Industry and as such is committed to the production of high quality Health and Safety training materials. The company will also work toward attaining a position of Standard in Health & Safety.

2. Policy Objectives

2.1 Health & Safety must be regarded as a mutual objective for management and employees at all levels. Therefore management will:

Provide and maintain a safe, healthy working environment with safe access and outlets;
Ensure the safety of staff who is mobile workers or those who work from work.
Ensure that trainees under its Training Agency are placed in a safe and healthy working environment;
Provide safety training, information and instruction as required for all employees, trainees, visitors and contractors etc, as appropriate.
Provide all necessary safety devices, protective equipment and supervise their use.
Maintain a constant and continuing improvement in all aspects of safety, in particular by introducing and monitoring safety procedures.
Consult employees on matters relating to workplace health, safety and welfare, development and review of policy and procedures through safety management established within the company.
Communicate relevant Health and Safety information through Notice boards in the workplace and the internal e-mail.

2.2 Staff has a duty to co-operate fully in the operation of this Policy by:

Working safely and efficiently, complying with any instruction, information * training in accordance with all procedures and statutory obligations.
Immediately reporting incidents (including accidents, near misses, which have results in, or may lead to injury).
Assisting with the investigation of accidents and aiding the introduction of measures to prevent a recurrence.

3. Policy Implementation

3.1 The company has appointed a Manager responsible for Health & Safety who will ensure continual strategic direction with regard to health, safety and welfare in Harriet Ellis.

3.2 Harriet Ellis shall appoint local advisors competent in Health and Safety who will provide general advice on policy implementation.

3.3 The Health and Safety Officer shall maintain the safety management system and ensure processes are in place for its continual improvement.

3.4 Department Managers are responsible for implementation and operation of the safety management system in their departments and will be accountable to the Director responsible for Health and Safety. Managers will be supported in this function by the Health and Safety officer.

3.5 The Operational health and Safety manual will give further guidance on arrangements for putting into effect this policy.

3.6 This policy shall be reviewed whenever circumstances require it such as changes to legislation or activities and at least annually.

3.7 This policy shall be issued to all new members of staff and be made available on notice boards, as well as to all other interested parties through the Harriet Ellis web site.

This policy will be included in the induction of new staff.

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