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Our Vision:

At Harriet Ellis our vision is to increase apprenticeship opportunities by offering high quality apprenticeship programme within Dental Nursing, providing access to a broad range of training and development resources to suit all abilities.  The apprenticeship programme will raise the aspirations of the widest possible range of people and will enable the dental practices to benefit from a skilled, motivated and competent dental nurse.


Our Aims

  • To continue to develop the apprenticeship programme, ensuring high quality at every stage of the apprenticeship programme.
  • To increase the overall number of apprenticeships starts each month.
  • To increase the range of vocational areas in which apprenticeships are offered.
  • To offer apprenticeships at a wider range of levels, with a focus on growth at level 3 at present with the view to provide apprenticeships within level 4 practice management.
  • To promote apprenticeship opportunities to young people, across all communities across the country ensuring they have access to high quality information, advice and guidance
  • To ensure the take up of apprenticeships reflects the diverse nature of our country’s population
  • To enhance progression routes for apprentices


Quality Metrics or Key Performance Indicators

Key Performance Indicators


How KPI’s are reviewed and actions taken

Rates of apprentice progress

To ensure that all apprentices progress in a timely manner and are on target to meet their planned end date

Reviewed monthly by the Dental Educationalist manager and quality assurance manager and appropriate action taken if apprentices are falling behind. The dental educationalist will first be contacted and the areas of concern discussed, a learner quality assurance interview is then undertaken and a decision is then made by the DE and QA manager and a plan is created on how to progress this learner in a timely manner, this is then discussed with the Dental Educationalist and support is given by the DE and QA manager to set the agreed plan.


To monitor the achievement of each apprentice, to ensure that the achievements are being met when these are scheduled to be achieved again ensuring that the learner completes within their planned funding period

Reviewed monthly by the quality assurance team, and apprentices that are not achieving each step in a timely manner are reviewed by the QA manger and then discussed with the DE. The learner is then contacted by the QA manager to discuss lack of achievement to date, ensure that the apprentice and DE relationship is strong and that there are not issues from outside affecting the progress of achievement.


To monitor the level of complaints and to reduce the level of complaints to zero.

Reviewed as and when they arise by the management team, DE is contacted, the complaint is then discussed and appropriate action is taken. Where appropriate new systems will then be put in place to prevent a similar complaint arising.

End point assessment

To monitor the full achievement of the apprenticeship.

Reviewed by the management team on a monthly basis to ensure all apprentices that are at EPA stage are ready to enter end point assessment. The pass and fail rates of the EPA are monitored on a monthly basis.

Six weekly reviews

To show a clear journey of the apprentice

Checked at all IQA stages 3 monthly sampling of the apprenticeship to ensure a clear journey of the apprentice’s qualification can be seen, if this hasn’t been completed by the DE, the DE will be placed on performance review and these will then be checked weekly to ensure that these are being completed. 

Timely uploading of evidence (includes reviews, work, observations and other evidence)

To ensure that all evidence is uploaded within 24 hours to ensure authenticity.

Checked at all IQA stages 3 monthly sampling of the apprenticeship to ensure that all work and evidence is uploaded within 24 hours of being completed or marked to ensure that authenticity can be seen and that progression of the learner is made at every appointment.

Marking of work and feedback

Ensure that all work is marked within 5 working days and provide constructive feedback to the apprentice.  

Monitored by the DE manager weekly and by the QA manager at sampling stages throughout the programme. In the event that the DE is not adhering to this policy this is discussed with the DE manager and QA manager and the DE will then be managed on a daily basis to prevent the learner progression being disadvantaged.

Exam pass rate

To monitor the success rate of exams being passed first time along with the number of retakes per exam, per learner, per DE.

Reviewed after each exam block has been carried out by the QA manager. In the event that apprentices are not passing their exam on the first attempt and are taking several retakes the exam breakdown is reviewed, additional support will be put in place for additional revision with a tutor. The DE/Tutor who has been responsible for the teaching and learning will be observed to ensure that the quality of the teaching is correct.

Employers to sign 12 weekly review on one file

To ensure employer engagement within the apprentice’s journey

Employer to log onto one file within 2 weeks of employer review being completed, monitored by the DE manager on a 12 weekly basis and 3 monthlies in the sampling carried out by the QA. Lack of meeting this required KPI will result in weekly monitoring and performance review with the DE and management team.

Personal development plans

Personal development plan to enable the DE to develop their skills and knowledge and maintain occupational currency

Submitted yearly to the QA manager with a clear professional development plan which is supported by Harriet Ellis.


To ensure that all involved within the apprenticeship Understand and appreciate and form a mutual respect for others from other beliefs and life experiences and respect their needs and adapt where appropriate.

Monitored through formal reviews with the learner and employer and any issues are raised, DE’s are given support, guidance and training where appropriate in these areas within house and through relevant CPD.


Overseen by apprenticeship recruitment team, a multi-national background of learners are recruited, detailed information with regards to how the course is delivered, the level of ability that is needed and the progression paths available after achieving their apprenticeship.


If a learner is unsuccessful following their initial assessment within maths and English the learner is given support and advice on how to improve these areas in order for them to retake their initial assessments. Internal support is provided by the DE and a functional skills tutor to recognise the needs of the individual and is in place from the day they begin their apprenticeship.



Employer recommendations

Surveys are completed annually to our current clients and also new business are asked where they heard about Harriett Ellis, if this is a recommendation this is recorded

Monitored annually with surveys to the employer and this is discussed and reviewed within internal management meetings.

20% of the job training

To ensure that the learner is being supported by the employer and given time to learn and progress in their job role and to ensure that the employer is following the apprenticeship contract/commitment statement. 

Monitored on the formal reviews which are completed with the learner, employer and manager on a 6-weekly basis. Any concerns are then raised and then resolved within this review appointment, any issues that are unable to be raised are forwarded to the quality assurance team.

Initial engagement conversion of enquiries to starts

To monitor the conversion rate of initial engagements to starts to ensure that we have a high conversion rate.

Targets are set to the apprenticeship recruitment team on a weekly basis and monitored by the team manager and overall performance is evaluated if conversion targets are not met.

Welfare support

To monitor the welfare of learners, employers and employees ensuring that areas of concerns are identified and professional information is given.

Monitored by the DE within the formal reviews and then monitored with the IQA’s at sampling stages. Any concerns are then raised with the safeguarding lead.

Initial assessments in maths and English

To monitor the calibre of learners that will enter onto their learning journey with us and to identify areas of support needed.

Monitored by the apprenticeship team prior to sign up, to ensure that any areas of support are identified, this also ensures that if the learner achieves low initial assessments that they are not placed on a course that they may be unable to complete due to their educational background instead other course options and support will be discussed.




Feedback from apprentices and employers

Harriet Ellis review feedback from apprentices and employers in a variety of ways these include 12 weekly reviews. All feedback including positive and negative is reviewed and evaluated, from this new processes and procedures are put into place to ensure continual development within the business. In the event that the feedback leads to a complaint, the complaints procedure is followed. Surveys are also completed yearly for ESFA purposes and the learners and managers are asked to complete these independently to capture employers’ and learners’ experiences of their training with Harriet Ellis. This enables a good platform to develop from.

Continuous improvement of training

Harriet Ellis strive to be one of the best apprenticeship providers, to ensure that we are able to do this continuous ongoing training internally is provided at regular standardisation meetings and via remote meetings, this ensures that all dental educationalists are given the chance to develop and grow within the business. Harriet Ellis provide external courses which are needed to fulfil the job role. The Internal Quality Assurance process highlights areas in which the individual DE may need training in.


Under performance is highlighted within the Internal Quality process, along with reports to highlight non-compliance with KPI’s and by telephone interviews with the learners.

Feedback is given to the individual Dental Educationalist from the IQA and then a development and training plan is put into place and reviewed one to one with the Dental educationalist on a fortnightly basis.

In the event that there was no improvement of performance the disciplinary procedure would be followed and appropriate action would be taken.




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