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This policy demonstrates Harriet Ellis’ employer engagement practices and procedures within the Apprenticeship Programme. This incorporates recruitment, engagement, marketing, delivery and reflection to provide improvements for client satisfaction.  

Promotion of Apprenticeship Programme with Employers

  • Direct Telephone Communication – consultants call employers based upon geographical location to educate about and generate interest in the apprenticeship programme and to collect vacancies for learners to be skills matched and subsequently placed in practice.
  • Email Communication – targeted branded mailshots illustrating Harriet Ellis’s apprenticeship programme to generate interest, educate and to collect vacancies in addition to promoting certain prospective learners who may be of interest to a particular practice/region.
  • Social Media – delivering targeted branded campaigns via a selection of social media platforms to engage practices and highlight opportunities for employment avenues for dental practices across England.
  • Google Reviews/Trustpilot/Facebook Reviews – maintain a high proportion of positive reviews across all courses offered at Harriet Ellis – this enables clients to look over learner experiences, evidence success and assists with brand awareness of Harriet Ellis as a training provider of choice.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) – Ensuring that Harriet Ellis appears in the top results for thousands of search results around apprenticeships, training providers/colleges, dental nursing courses etc.
  • Harriet Ellis Website – Generation of employer leads via the corporate website. Employer can learn about Harriet Ellis and what we deliver and they have the opportunity to leave their details for a consultant to call them to engage with them, understand their needs, inform about Harriet Ellis and the elements of the Apprenticeship Programme.
  • Find Apprenticeship Training (FAT) – direct potential clients to the site to recognise Harriet Ellis as a reputable training provider. They can search against the Dental Nurse function or Harriet Ellis as the provider. The information present will fully inform a client about the Standard, course duration and content, method of delivery and funding. The information held on FAT is reviewed 6 monthly ensuring employers are always accessing the most accurate information.


  • Apprenticeship branding guidelines – we ensure our promotional literature has the right logos and fonts. This gives employers assurance in our training and professionalism.

Delivery of Apprenticeship Standard and Geographical Coverage

In England, Harriet Ellis offers a Level 3 Apprenticeship Programme in Dental Nursing, this includes a GDC recognised qualification accredited by City and Guilds. The entire blended learning programme is delivered via a combination of face to face (in practice), remote teaching sessions and online learning with full Dental Educationalist support. Dental Educationalists are allocated to learners based upon their geographical location to support the face to face delivery element of the programme.

All Dental Educationalists engage and support all employers throughout the duration of the apprenticeship programme. They carry out cyclical reviews and observations with the employer and Harriet Ellis provides 24-hour access to OneFile (learner’s ePortfolio) to track and manage development of their learner. OneFile also functions as a communication platform between the practice and the Dental Educationalist to encourage reflection and support throughout. 

The aforementioned observations are carried out every 12 weeks and cover a list of required procedures needed to evidence competency in the role of an apprentice dental nurse.

Harriet Ellis also enlists the support of an inhouse Delivery Management Team who assist the Dental Educationalists to carry out their roles and ensure best practice amongst their learner support and to ensure clients are satisfied with programme delivery and scheduled meetings. In addition, the team are responsible for compliancy of all paperwork between the client and Harriet Ellis to support the Standard, the funding rules and the EFSA requirements.

A welfare officer is also allocated to a practice to support the learner and practice alike and be available to assist with needs and issues that arise from either party during the programme duration. Dental Educationalists also pass any concerns regarding their learners to the DMT Co-ordinator for safeguarding and to provide additional support where necessary. With regards to safeguarding, all issues raised will be actioned in accordance with Harriet Ellis’s safeguarding policy and escalated to the Safeguarding Lead for further action.

Training and Developing Apprentices – Employer Engagement

  • Open communication and transparency are vital in ensuring the success of delivery of the programme and occupational competence of the learner.
  • Visibility of the learner’s development and current stage is available within the employers OneFile login for their learner.
  • The Apprenticeship Programme is a co-partnership between the practical and theoretical elements which collaboratively enable the learner to achieve academic success and their overall qualification.

Flexibility of Programme to meet Employer and Apprentice needs

  • Harriet Ellis ensures flexibility surrounding off the job training by offering practices the ability to deliver this on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis.
  • Weekly teaching sessions are mandatory and established around Dental Educationalists teaching availability, laid out in the Diary of Events that they receive on day one of their learner’s programme. This gives a practice seven weeks’ notice to make rota amendments in support of their learner.
  • Harriet Ellis are also able to accommodate or offer remote one to one teaching sessions for any learner who disclose learning difficulties, disabilities or health issues and are in need of additional support.

Continuous Engagement for Apprenticeship Duration

  • Practices have full support from the following:
    • Pre-enrolment
      • Apprenticeship Resourcer
      • Apprenticeship Recruitment Consultant
    • Post-enrolment
      • Dental Educationalist/s
      • Welfare Officer
      • Delivery Management Co-ordinator
      • Delivery Management Compliance Officer
      • Apprenticeship Delivery Manager
      • Safeguarding Lead (if required)

Coaching and Mentoring

  • Harriet Ellis employs a strong team of Dental Educationalists, all of whom have industry knowledge and practical experience in the Dental Nursing sector, in addition to an assessor/teaching qualification where applicable.
  • Dental Educationalist Teachers deliver 1-hour remote weekly teaching sessions via a web-based platform. This platform engages the learner and invites open communication. The teaching sessions enable the teacher to qualify a learner’s understanding of the subject being taught in a live interactive environment whilst preparing them for their exams.
  • A learner receives a one-to-one review every six weeks, alternating between face to face and over the phone. These are delivered by their Dental Educationalist Assessor which contributes towards a large element of their mentoring of the programme. These sessions are also used to highlight issues/concerns with the learners’ development/theory work and are addressed accordingly.

Recording of training undertaken by Harriet Ellis and the Employer

  • All teaching session sessions are recorded and uploaded to the relevant area of the learner’s OneFile for them to access at a later date for review or in the instance of non-attendance of that session.
  • All sessions (teaching sessions, remote reviews and one to one observations) are all evidenced within OneFile.
  • OneFile training is delivered by Harriet Ellis to the learner on day 2 of their programme via an interactive webinar. The training video is then emailed to learners to refer to again and again.
  • Practices receive via email a guided video tutorial recording of how to use the programme efficiently.
  • All training courses provided for Harriet Ellis employees are recorded using an internal management system and minutes taken for ongoing reference.

Continual Engagement

  • Practices are contacted frequently by Harriet Ellis via a combination of phone calls and email. All communication attempts are logged in the internal CRM database.
  • Harriet Ellis also encourage pro-active communication on the practice’s behalf to liaise with their Welfare Officer if they have a concern or complaint.
  • The complaints procedure is available on the company website.

Escalation of concerns and addressing issues raised

All formal complaints are handled in line with the formal complaints policy published on our website www.harrietellis.com

Managing and Maintaining Relationships with Employers

  • Pre-enrolment
    • Designated recruitment consultant (dependant on geographical location of practice) holds responsibility for employer engagement and making decisions regarding a learner’s enrolment to programme.
    • Explain the employer role, requirements and likely impact of training. This could be 20% off the job commitment or apprenticeship minimum wage.
    • Clearly set employer expectations, health and safety requirements and the rights and responsibilities of apprentices or staff in training. This lays the foundation for the partnership and leads to a more successful training experience.
    • Initially assess the individual learner and develop an Individual Learning Plan. This will bring together the needs of the employer (job specification, company challenges to overcome) and the learner’s needs.
  • Post-enrolment
    • The Welfare Officer, together with the Dental Educationalist Assessor manage and maintain the relationship with the practice once a learner is enrolled. Both parties hold the responsibility to make decisions regarding the learner and practice.

Procedure regarding questions and general communications

  • Pre-enrolment
    • Designated recruitment consultant (dependant on geographical location of practice) holds responsibility for answering questions and responding to queries and general communications whilst ensuring that information is conveyed correctly and all parties are fully aware of the programme and relevant contacts throughout the duration of the programme.
    • Inbound questions are received via email and telephone.
  • Post-enrolment
    • The Welfare Officer is the first point of contact for all questions and general communications for both the learner and the practice.
    • Inbound questions are received via email and telephone.

Monitoring and improving employer engagement

  • Cyclical Reviews – Dental Educationalists carry out reviews with practices at 6 weeks and then every 12 weeks thereafter. These are informal in their nature and enable the practice to share their views on their learners and the programme alike.
  • Generic Feedback – Inbound queries and questions offer daily feedback from practices regarding issues or concerns that may arise. They are dealt with accordingly. If a pattern of such queries or questions emerge, this will be raised in a Harriet Ellis Management Meeting for further discussion.
  • Bi-annual Satisfaction Surveys – Telephone based survey conducted by Harriet Ellis staff, carried out with numerous practices to gain feedback and level of satisfaction of Harriet Ellis’s service delivery.
  • Annual EFSA Survey – Harriet Ellis encourage practices to complete the annual EFSA survey.
  • Complaints Data – all data collected is stored internally. Complaints are dealt with as they arise for resolution purposes. Complaints data is discussed in monthly Harriet Ellis Management Meetings to identify common themes. Harriet Ellis reserve the right to readdress the service offering to prevent such issues arising in the future.

All data is collected, stored and monitored internally by Harriet Ellis. We regularly review such data to assess whether amendments are needed to enhance our service offering with a view to improve practice engagement and ultimately increase client satisfaction. 


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