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Before we start comparing the two fields which are both very unique in their own rights, we’d like to start by reminding you of something you’ve likely heard since childhood ‘follow your heart and follow your passion.’ In other words many people out there want to become a dentist or nurse because a family member or friend is one or they’re sold by the financial reward side of things. We would not advise this, however if Dentistry or Nursing in themselves are something you’re keen to pursue then keep reading.

Dentistry is known to be a demanding course and can be overwhelming for some but just like any course if you put in the effort there will always be room to move up the ladder and receive better financial rewards. We asked Angelica Andrews, a dental hygienist from Manchester, to speak a little about her field:

“As a dental hygienist in Manchester, working for 2 years now I feel the pay is great and the patients are delightful. Not to boast but working full time only 4 days a week I am still earning more money than most of my friends. However one thing I would alert everyone about is to look out for bad employers who treat you poorly, you must find the correct dentist to work for. In my opinion a DH earns more money and there are plenty of opportunities to find a job all the time”

If Nursing is more suited to your interest you should consider that it can usually be separated in to adults, children, learning disability, and mental health and full training typically takes 3 years in the UK.  Nursing certainly gives you more of a ‘feel good’ factor helping people by regularly checking and giving them updates about their health. Nurses also tend to be very grateful people fully aware of how precious life is and each moment if this is something that would fit your description then the nurse role may be for you.

A huge drawback to nursing is being exposed to all sorts of germs, viruses which puts off a lot of people from the job role; they also deal with blood and fluids of the body.

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