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Medical Recruitment

Amazing career opportunities offering both temporary and permanent positions with high earning potential within Dental and Nursing recruitment.
Upload your CV to start your new career. Once we have received your CV, our recruitment team will begin to offer you work opportunities that suit your requirements.

Searching for Work?

This area is exclusive to students of Harriet Ellis. We have a dedicated team continually searching for trainee dental nursing positions in your area, updated regularly.

If you are interested in a career in Dental Nursing you can make a no obligation inquiry for the Dental Nursing course by contacting us on 01708 776050 

If you are already enrolled with us and would like to view these vacancies please log in to your student hub account

Looking for Staff?

Post a job online to start your search for a new employee. WE have many candidates from trainees, apprenticeships and qualified experienced staff. Our recruitment specialist is there to source the best candidates for your role and have the experience to match accurately and efficiently. We are currently offering preferred rated for clients that offer more than 1 vacancy for us to recruit and fill, so speak to one of our team today.

At Harriet Ellis, we are dedicated to excellence.

Having established in 2003 as a Medical Recruitment agency, Harriet Ellis is well placed to use our experience and knowledge when it comes to finding the right candidates for the right jobs, especially within the dental recruitment market. We train students from the very beginning of their journey all the way through to their qualification and then continue supporting them with post graduate courses. Once qualified, we are able to promote the very best staff and to this end we have abundance of qualified and motivated candidates that we can offer and in working closely with large dental organisations as well as private Hospitals. We are able to supply qualified dental health professions and Theatre Nursing staff on a short term temp basis or permanent employment

Our emphasis is on quality and value and ensuring that our team deliver high standards of service to you. We listen and focus on your wish list and support you through your journey. Whether you are a candidate that has arrived in the UK looking for accommodation, employment or some help opening up a bank account, we are here to assist you. We make the recruitment process pleasurable and simple by calling on our network of contacts to help organise everything you may require to relieve some of the burden you face when arriving from overseas.

Best of all, we will secure you employment opportunities quickly and efficiently.

Our clients are increasingly looking for partners who can deliver both temporary and permanent solutions to their staffing requirements. Harriet Ellis work closely with our clients and have done for over 13 years and will continue to offer a dedication and commitment to each requirement as well as always providing the best value possible for its services.

We can’t wait for you to join us so you can experience the passion and enthusiasm that we have in recruitment and we look forward of being a service to you.

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Trainee Dental Nurses


Theatre Nurses


Theatre Managers


Senior Surgical Nurses


Scrub Nurses


Operating Department Practice






Teaching Assistants

For these professions, we currently have many options offering your
career fulfilment and high earning potential.

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