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Power Brushes vs Manual Brushes

A three year randomized study concludes that clinicians can safely prescribe either kind of toothbrush even for patients with pre-existing gingival recession.  The study notes that tooth-brushing techniques, frequency, duration have been associated with gingival...
What Do Dental Nurses Do?

What Do Dental Nurses Do?

Day-to-day: Working as a Dental Nurse A dental nurse plays a supportive role to any person within the dental team, this could be the dentists themselves, hygienists or therapists. For example: > Assisting dentist or hygienist with instruments > Eliminating water...
Dentist vs Nurse – Which one is for you?

Dentist vs Nurse – Which one is for you?

Before we start comparing the two fields which are both very unique in their own rights, we’d like to start by reminding you of something you’ve likely heard since childhood ‘follow your heart and follow your passion.’ In other words many people out there want to...

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