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Sarah’s Story

With the Dental Nursing examination results coming through this month we spoke to newly qualified Dental Nurse Sarah Law to get an insight into what it’s like to face a career change after your formative years.  Harriet Ellis(HE): “What was your job prior to...

Will Brexit Affect It?

How will Brexit affect NEBDN Qualified Dental Nurses Moving to the EU in future? With the uncertainty of Brexit looming and threatening negative knock on effects in many industries thousands of Students have been left questioning whether their qualification will still...
How to become a Dental Nurse

How to become a Dental Nurse

Ever wondered how the Dental Nursing Career works? Well, you must be registered by the General Dental Council (GDC) and in order to be approved in the first place you must be qualified by studying in an accredited course. The NEBDN National Diploma in Dental Nursing...

Power Brushes vs Manual Brushes

A three year randomized study concludes that clinicians can safely prescribe either kind of toothbrush even for patients with pre-existing gingival recession.  The study notes that tooth-brushing techniques, frequency, duration have been associated with gingival...
Dental Nurse Apprenticeships Birmingham

Dental Nurse Apprenticeships Birmingham

Dental Nurse Apprenticeships Birmingham  Are you looking to join a dental apprenticeship in Birmingham? We have been running a diploma for dental nursing course for over 10 years and you have the opportunity to earn money whilst you’re studying to become a dental...

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