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Why Hire an Apprentice?

Apprenticeships are becoming an increasingly popular option for businesses, helping them develop a motivated, skilled and qualified workforce and bringing about many business benefits – including improved skills levels, service, morale and productivity. Your apprentice brings fresh and innovative skills and knowledge to your business and are more likely to stay with an employer who has invested in them.

 90% of apprentices continue working for their employer after their apprenticeship ends.


Why Harriet Ellis?

Harriet Ellis is the largest privately owned dental nursing college in the UK and are very excited to be able to offer bespoke Apprenticeship Dental Nursing Training, designed to achieve high success rates. We offer flexible delivery model providing blended dental nurse training using a variety of resources. Our scheme of work, coupled with detailed assessment plans, allows employers to easily follow their apprenticeships progress; while learners develop knowledge and gain the skills required to become fully qualified.

Experienced college with high success rates on all existing courses
Comprehensive lesson material that is easily accessible, 24/7
Regular planned reviews of your apprentice every 6/8 weeks
Highly experienced, trained & adaptable staff to support you
Dedicated Dental Educationalist throughout the learning journey

Meeting your Business Needs

Our Apprenticeship programme is focused on the needs of our employers. It evolves based on regular employer feedback and can be adapted to meet the requirements of all businesses. Your Apprentice will complete a 18-24-month Level 3 Diploma in Dental Nursing. As their employer you have the opportunity to shape and identify the most appropriate training for your Apprentice and your business. This innovative programme offers a holistic approach to learning which includes Online training, assessor support with visits and work-based employer mentoring, with access to an online portal for the apprentice and employer to track progress.

96% of employers report a benefit of hiring an apprentice.

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Health and safety
PPE and Workplace Hygiene
Roles and Responsibilities of a Dental Nurse
Infection control
Micro-Organisms and Infectious diseases


Dental waste and waste disposal
Medical Drugs
Radiography and Endodontics

National Insurance Contributions

Did you know that you could claim back the National Insurance Contributions for your Apprentices depending on their age?
If your business has hired an Apprentice since 6th April 2016, who is aged under 25 and is enrolled on an Apprenticeship, you can claim back your National Insurance Contributions for them. Depending on the salary of your Apprentice, this could amount to a significant saving. By changing your employer contribution category for Apprentices who meet this criteria, you will save your business money.

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